About Woof Works

Woof Works Gourmet Cookies are the world’s first CERTIFIED gluten free dog treats! Our cookies are simple. Unnecessary ingredients not included.

Woof Works Gourmet Cookies are specially crafted, oven baked and packaged in a human grade dedicated gluten free facility to ensure that we can deliver a top notch product for your dog that you can trust! It’s no secret that most dogs want to eat and taste what we as humans eat. However not all human food is suitable for dogs and many of the things we eat can cause serious harm to our loyal dog companions. 

So our founder and president Tracy Kyle crafted a cookie that its designed for dogs based on human flavours! Woof Works Gourmet Cookies Inc. has 3 delicious flavours that are CERTIFIED gluten free, and contain no added salt, no added sugar, no byproducts, no added fillers, no corn, no soy and no wheat! In fact, when you open the bag there is an overwhelming fragrance that will temp you to eat them yourself

A Message From Our CEO

At Woof Works Gourmet Cookies, it's all about having your cookie and eating it too! Our cookies are not just tasty but they are also perfect for my friends with food sensitivities, including dogs with allergies and dogs on raw or limited ingredient diets!

Woof Works Gourmet Cookies Int. are the first dog treats to be CERTIFIED as GLUTEN FREE in the world and contain delicious, aromatic ingredients, with no by-products or fillers - simply wholesome treats! How good are Woof Works Gourmet Cookies? The evidence is in the bag!


Our Team

Tracy (Founder / President)

A culinary craftsman at home, Tracy spent over 20 years of her working career working in the Plumbing/HVAC industry. Her creative nature even lead her to a 3 year stint in radio. Then in the summer of 2015, after the loss of a position she wasn’t overly fond of, and the and the passing of her father weeks later, Tracy had enough and made the bold decision to abandon the industry that she worked in for the majority of her adult years and do something positive and formed Woof Works Gourmet Cookies Inc. The result was the creation of the world’s first CERTIFIED gluten free dog treat!

Gina (CEO – Cookie Eating Officer & Honorary Vice President)

Gina is an 8 year old Shih Tzu-Yorkie and also the inspiration behind Woof Works Gourmet Cookies. Gina has been though the whole cookie testing process and approves of all our flavours long before having her friends and neighbors taste our premium cookies! Though incredibly photogenic, she is not so fond of the spotlight, but Like many CEO’s, she is more of a behind the scenes kind of gal . As a result, we have hired a new member to our team, to assist Gina in her corporate duties & responsibility!

Rufus (CSO – Cookie Supply Officer & Spokesdog– in training)

Rufus (or more commonly known around the office as ROO) is the newest member of our team! Born on March 12, 2016, Roo is training to be Gina’s trusty assistant! Unlike his big sister and boss Gina, Roo just can’t seem to get enough of the attention and public appearances! This Golden Cockadoodle is social butterfly and loves everyone! Though he is still in training, we anticipate he will be a great asset to our company! Welcome aboard Roo!


Send Us Your Photos

Around town we love getting out there to hand out free treats and taking pictures of dogs and posting it on our social media (website, Facebook, Instagram & twitter) Since we can’t be everywhere all the time and may not be in your area, we are inviting you to submit your dog’s photos with our cookies to post on our social media pages! Is your dog crazy about woof works gourmet cookies? Drop us a line and let us know what your dog will do for Woof Works Gourmet Cookies!